TeMa Teams

TeMa Teams

  • TeMa Director-Owner Teams (TDOT)
  • TeMa Operation Manager Teams (TOT)
  • TeMa Head of Department Teams (THDT)
  • TeMa Employee Teams (TET)

Due to busyness, we unfortunately have to postpone TeMa Teams indefinitely.

The idea behind TeMa Teams is, to place higher demands for everyone - both people from without and internal. You must have moveable tools, so that you quick and efficient can change direction, when the need comes - especially concrete tools which are customized to the specific situation.

The form of TeMa Teams is coach/mentor.

The session form is concentrated on qualifying the people in the team, to optimize the results in practice.  It is all about tools in the everyday, that gives you the overview and thereby the power to move in the right direction and at the same time you become a number of team partners to lean against – (there is no need to reinvent the wheel).

The starting point is always based on the individual´s knowledge and experiences concerning to results, tasks and solutions.

The teams are put together on basis of size of the herds and of the individual´s background and daily function.

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