What are we offering?

Typical services

A. Team leader
DM agro will act as production leader/ -director for the pig production. There will be made an agreement of cooperation with the owner/-s.

The services includes:

  • Concrete management tools
  • Employee analysis and - advising
  • Production tools
  • Calculation budgettes
  • DM agro takes care of the externally contact in the time of the cooperation (authorities, veterinarians, unions etc.)

B. Production advising
Typical one-day-visit that includesVisit in the stable, including:

  • Mating and gestation section
  • Farrowing section
  • Early weaning section
  • Porker unit
  • Technical unit
  • Feeding technique
  • Housing
  • Mating techniques
  • Housing environment
  • Leadership tools and teamwork
  • Advising concerning breeding material
  • Integrated evaluation of the concrete pig production
  • Aims and plan to achieve it

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