Who are we?

Company description

DM agro is an adviser company in pig production. Our customers are pig producers with herds from 100 sows and up. Our typical customer has between 600 and 2000 sows in the herd. DM means Driftsledelse (in English: Managing operating) and Management, which are our main services.

Our services are described under What are we offering?

DM agro was established on 1. January 2000 by Per Lembke-Jensen and since that Thomas Greve has joined as partner (see personal descriptions but only in Danish language). Also Rasmus Mønster joined as partner and Morten Jensen joined as manager (UA).

Our mission can be briefly expressed as follows:

  • To advise and offer assistance to pig producers here and abroad.

Our vision is:

  • To create optimal operating conditions and - results by analyzing and advising about all aspects in the company.

Our values are:

  • To provide honest and genuine advising based on the concrete herd, its owner (s) and staff.

Personal descriptions

Per Lembke Jensen
Ejer / direktør, Driftsleder, Rådgiver

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Thomas Greve

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Buen 136, Stubbæk
DK 6200 Aabenraa

Telefon.: 0045 70 70 10 68 




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